Anything Can Happen

Released: 2021
Anything Can Happen, a documentary short on cannabis in paediatric medicine.




Let's Be Blunt with Montell Williams

July 21, 2022

Treating Epilepsy with CBD | Jennifer Anderson, M.D.

On-Location Long Beach, California On this episode of Let's Be Blunt, Montel talks with Dr. Jennifer Anderson, a pediatrician and ER doctor from Canada. Jennifer's son was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. Daily life was a struggle for the family as her son would have continuous seizures. Out of pure desperation, Jennifer decided to try CBD. The results were astounding. The CBD significantly reduced the amount of daily seizures and increased his quality of life. Jennifer Anderson now specializes in medical cannabis for kids, in order to help other struggling families.

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Reefer MEDness E87 - Dr. Jennifer Anderson - Becoming the Physician You Needed

July 12, 2022

Dr. Jen Anderson wasn’t very interested in cannabis. As a newly minted family physician, it just wasn’t on her radar. She wasn’t against it. But cannabis just wasn’t going to be a tool in her tool box, professionally. She became a mom, and one of her children started having seizures. Lots of seizures. After exhausting all the regular anti-seizure medications, she tried cannabis on her child. It helped. The cannabis helped a lot. But some of her colleagues in neurology were not happy she was giving her child cannabis. Without the cannabis, Dr. Anderson believed her son could die. Then the neurologist said words no parent wants to hear, “Well, yes he could…” You’ll just have to listen to hear how the twists and turns play out.

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Portage Online

July 14, 2022

Portager takes home multiple awards for cannabis documentary "Anything Can Happen"

A man born and raised in Portage la Prairie is creating some buzz at film festivals around the country. Chase Gouthro is the director and producer of a short film titled: "Anything Can Happen."




UK Premier of "Anything Can Happen"

July 22, 2022

The first event of its kind aims to “empower” and “celebrate” those who benefit from medical cannabis.




Chris D: Anything Can Happen Doc

July 11, 2022
Local coverage of the documentary at the Gimli International Film Festival.




Good Medicine On The Go Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

A look at Cannabis in Pediatric Medicine with Dr. Jennifer Anderson

Dr. Jennifer Anderson joins the show for a bonus episode, where she tells her personal story of her son finding relief from his seizures through cannabis.Dr. Jen fought and endured backlash so that now she can not only provide care to her son but to more families, and so that she could influence Child Services and local lawmakers to allow children to travel with their cannabis medication.  Dr. Jen is helping lead the integration of cannabis education into the mainstream medical curriculum for Canadian medical residents. She and her colleagues are forming an initiative that will be a model for how cannabis plant medicine and Western medicine can coexist.


Heads Lifestyle

May 26, 2022

Hope is Not Lost

An interview with Anything Can Happen director Chase Gouthro

A review of the documentary, "Anything Can Happen" with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of film with insights from director, Chase Gouthro.




Courage in Cannabis

December 9, 2021

Dr. Jennifer Anderson MD
Pediatric Cannabis Advocate

"You Can't Stop The Waves, But you Can learn To Surf"

“Courage in Cannabis” is a compilation of stories written by doctors, lawyers, patients, caregivers, entrepreneurs, and activists. Each story is unique and written with the hope of inspiring others. In these times, anyone that chooses cannabis or enters the industry has a story of courage. This is truly simply because a very short time ago, cannabis was illegal everywhere in North America.




Neuro Brilliant Magazine

May, 2020

Breaking Boundaries: Doctor Mom Advocates For The Life-Saving Treatment For Her Son’s Epilepsy

This story is about a medical mama in Canada who pushed back against an outdated system for an alternative treatment to help her son with Epilepsy. Desperate to save her son from certain death, Dr. Jennifer Anderson dared to try a non-traditional treatment that turned her son’s life around. Now she helps families gain access to this same treatment. Read her incredible journey below.




Heads Lifestyle

October 21, 2021

The complexities of paediatric cannabis

Dr. Jennifer Anderson saves her son, herself and hundreds of kids

Having never planned to be the pot doc for kids, Dr. Jennifer Anderson battled bureaucracy, stigma and apathy as she sought care for her dying son.