"Anything Can Happen" Documentary

Anything Can Happen

“Anything Can Happen” is documentary short on cannabis in paediatric medicine. It follows the journey of Dr. Anderson’s own son Nicholas with intractable epilepsy. Having failed all traditional treatments, Dr. Anderson battled bureaucracy, stigma and apathy as she sought care for her dying son with CBD oil. The documentary also showcases the trials of other children, Vincent, Emma and Levi, under Dr. Anderson’s care. It is a moving story of love, compassion, and dedication in the face of a medical establishment that focuses on the political aspects of cannabis, not the patient.

Running Time: 40:11

Production: Bare Hand Films

Official website:  https://www.anythingcanhappendoc.com/

Gimli International Film Festival Selection

“Anything Can Happen” documentary is an official selection of the Gimli International Film Festival. Join us the official screening.

July 22, 2022

Lady of the Lake Theatre

94 1st Ave, Gimli, Manitoba
6:00 PM

Tickets:  Gimli International Film Fest